Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Story of Mr R

This is Mr R. Why R? Because my name starts with an R, and also it's an initial letter of its original character, Rascal, the Raccoon. I got him few years ago when I was in my first sem of my Diploma years in MSU. It was an Open Day, and we had mini-carnival going on. And among the many kiosks and stalls there was this plushie booth. Being a sucker for soft toys, my friend and I went to the booth to check out what's good. When we got there, as I was rummaging through the pile of pure fluffiness, I saw Mr R. I lifted him up, checked his sewing, and pressed the tummy and moved its hands and feet, before I held him close. I asked the uncle how much does he cost, and he said RM20. I then checked my wallet, and to disappointment I only had RM10 in my wallet at the time and the nearest ATM is quite far from my college. My friend offered me her money first but I declined as we barely know each other and I'm too embarrassed to borrow money from someone I just knew for two weeks. Frustratedly, I put him back and I told the uncle to hold on to it till tomorrow as I need to withdraw first. He said okay. Then we went to our booth and classes as per usual.

     The next day, I woke up early as I didnt want to be late again for the choir booth duty and also because I was so excited about getting the plush. I withdrew money on my way to college, and of course my first destination when I get to the carnival site was the plushie booth. I asked the uncle where was the plush I asked him to reserve the day before and he gave me that confused looks. I started feeling uneasy. Then he has this, "Oh, it's you!" looks and I was about to feel happy, but then his face went all regretful. He then told me he accidentally sold it to some guy yesterday and that he forgot I asked him to reserve it for me. The old guy tried offering me other plush for cheaper price but my heart was just not up for any of them.

      Although my mood came back quickly afterwards, I still couldnt stop thinking about the raccoon plush. But then I told myself, "Ah, let's not bother. It's just a plush." But I was still thinking about it. Lol. When I got home, a housemate told me that someone left me a gift outside just now and that it's in my room. I was so looking forward to it after what I've lost at the plushie booth. And there, Mr R was, lying on my bed with a little card on its tummy. I opened the card, and inside was a simple greeting, "Welcome to MSU. Take care of yourself and the little fella." I stormed out of my room and asked my housemate who left it, and he said he had no idea as he only heard a knock and when he opened the door, no one was there. I went back inside, looked at the card thoroughly. No name or even initial. I asked my friend who went to the stall with me the day before whether she bought it for me, she denied it. Plus, she didnt even know where I stayed at the time, so it couldnt possible be her. In addition, the seller did say a guy bought it.

     Up to this day, I'm still puzzled on who bought it for me. But one thing for sure, Mr R has been the one I tell my story to everytime I'm happy or sad. Mr R might not be the cutest plush, but I'm treasuring him more than the others because of the memories. I somehow wish I could find the card that came together with it. And to the giver, thank you for this wonderful friend you gave to me. I dont know who you are, but I hope someone will repay your kindness.